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Syston and District Volunteer Centre would like to announce that they have been awarded The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service for 2019. We wish to thank all of our Trustees, Staff and especially our volunteers for all of their hard work and dedication that they have shown.


We are accepting volunteers for 2024


We also would like to announce that we have been awarded The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee award for 2022. We wish to thank all of our Trustees, Staff and especially our volunteers for all of their hard work and dedication that they have shown.


We are grateful for any support


Syston and District Volunteer Centre have been around since 1977, back then it was a very different organisation to that of today. To day we help around 250 people each month using our social car service, we take out on average 80 people to visit restaurants, film clubs and places of interest.

In order that we can do all of this we need funding, we do get some funding from Leicestershire County Council and Charnwood Borough Council but this is decreasing year on year. We rely on the good nature of individuals to donate to our cause to help keep the service going and to help continue the great work that all of our volunteers do on a daily basis.

If you have had a look through our web site and you feel that we are a deserving cause then please click on the button below and donate some money.

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Apart from modest grants from Leicestershire County Council (for specific transport services) and Charnwood Borough Council (under the terms of their Strategic Partnership arrangements,) the Centre is totally self-financing.

Trustees are grateful to a number of local service organisations, Clubs, associations and individuals for their regular donations from fundraising activities and to individual service users who regularly “top-up” their payments for services rendered to include a modest contribution to help meet our running costs.

Overheads and running costs for the Centre are kept to an absolute minimum, with every penny of expenditure very carefully scrutinised.  Donors may therefore be assured that the large majority of any contribution they make will go directly to the provision of much-needed services within our local community.

Bequests and legacies, once a common feature of our annual income, have declined over recent years.  We would hope that once the immediate needs of relatives and others have been met, local residents might consider leaving a small legacy to the Centre in their wills.

Contributions by cheque (payable to “Syston & District Volunteer Centre”) or cash would be gratefully appreciated at any time.

We would like to thank Intelligent Energy for the generous grant that they have provided to allow us to support the provision of Charnwood Citizens Advice out reach in Syston.

The money that they have provided will fund the service for the next two years and allow residents of Syston and the surrounding area access to much needed help and support.

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