Join the Syston Volunteers

Volunteer, me? Why?

Having retired and still feeling fit and alive, I decided to visit the Syston Volunteer Centre and see if they wanted me to become a driver. There were no awkward questions, no interview but Yes Please! Twelve months later on just one day a week, I am increasing my knowledge of traffic and roads around the city, driving around the local area to pick up clients and meeting some lovely people who administer the wonderful service provided by the charity and keep it running. I have been able to practise my driving skills without pressure and learn more patience, slowing my speed and my life style.

As to the clients I transport – well they are lovely humans and thankful for seeing a smiley, friendly face and receiving a door-to-door service.

I occasionally escort clients to their appointment through NHS corridors if their family are still working and unavailable or do not live nearby, they are very grateful for our assistance.

It makes one feel good inside as you know you are helping people who are less fortunate than yourself and makes you grateful for your own life.

The volunteer centre also allows me to drive a minibus when required. Wow! What fun!

However, the Syston Volunteer Centre needs more drivers to ease the pressure on others.

It needs more drivers to provide a better and more efficient service. So, come on, pop into the centre in School Street and talk to Andy.

Oh, you can use your own car and you are re-imbursed for the mileage you drive.

D Necklen

If you would like to become a Volunteer please see our Volunteers page here